DIY Orthodontics is a VERY Bad Idea

Your smile deserves a specialist! DIY orthodontics is a very bad idea because, moving the teeth through your jaw bone is a more complicated process than would initially appear. When moving teeth we always want to be aware of the forces placed in the tooth and rate of tooth movement and the health of the surrounding bone, gum and dental tissues.

There are several reasons you should never attempt to move a tooth orthodontically:

Drastic damage to the teeth, gums or surrounding bone.

On your own and would cause drastic damage to the teeth, gums or surrounding bone.

“One of the more popular do-it-yourself braces techniques are to place a rubber band around two front teeth to bring those teeth together if there’s a gap. But that could cause a whole host of problems. The rubber band could end up in the gum causing an infection, the rubber band could end up around the roots of the permanent teeth causing them to fall out, or the teeth could move in a way to make those roots touch the crowns of other teeth, also making you lose the permanent teeth.


Easily fracture the tooth or spread the decay further

If there is active decay (cavities) on the teeth or adjacent teeth you are move you can easily fracture the tooth or spread the decay further. If they is any gum disease or bleeding around the gum tissue a sign of gum disease. moving the teeth in this condition can cause a rapid loss of gum tissue and surrounding bone.

The bone and gums anchors the teeth in place when there is loss of these tissue it is unsightly cosmetically and can cause teeth to loosen over time. Moving teeth tend to extrude them or pull them out of the bone. When using a rubber band at home or at home aligners you may not have control of this problem and inadvertently extrude your teeth (meaning less root is anchored in the bone) especially with rubber bands, teeth have loosened to the point of people loosing them or damaging the tooth so severely the tooth has to be extracted.

Orthodontists are aware of these problems and have tools and methods in place to avoid and minimize them. Besides health you likely won’t get a good result and its clearly not worth the risk of something going wrong. Your bite, tongue, mouth, muscles of the face all play a role in where your teeth settle together. When you move teeth you are disrupting this process. even if you get lucky and don’t damage your teeth or surrounding structure, get lucky again and move some teeth where you wanted them, they will simply move back if you haven’t addressed the underlying causes of the bite or tooth problem.

No at home solution, including smile direct, will address these underlying issues to any degree, where an orthodontist would. You may pay a lot less but is it worth paying less, if your no better off or worse off than before. Its like playing roulette with your oral health. Sure occasional someone wins but the risks far out weigh the rewards and in most cases you are throwing away your time and money.

American Association of Orthodontists Consumer Alert

Dental professionals and orthodontists across the U.S. increasingly have been warning teens and their parents of the risks of do-it-yourself orthodonture. And yet the trend has continued at a fever pitch, prompting the American Association of Orthodontists to issue a Consumer Alert and a public service announcement via YouTube.

The AAO alert says, in part: “Moving teeth is a medical procedure and needs personal supervision by an orthodontist. Please be wary of any suggestions to move teeth with rubber bands, dental floss, or other objects ordered on the Internet. Moving teeth without a thorough examination of the overall health of the teeth and gums could result in the permanent loss of teeth, which may result in expensive and lifelong dental problems.”

Thanks to Krem 2 News in Spokane Washington for highlighting this issue to everyone in the region.


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